Keltic Energy Paranormal Research and Investigation - Preserving a disappearing enigma
Welcome to KEPRI!
Who are we?
    Greetings!  KEPRI is a non-profit organization dedicated to the research and preservation of the Northeast's stone chambers and other megalithic sites.  For those of you who don't know, a megalith is any man-made stone or earthen structure.  Examples are sites like Stonehenge or America's great mounds.  For decades these places have baffled historians on their origin, defying conventional anthropological belief.  Though many theories have come forth, ranging from Native American sites to monuments from lost civilizations, little has been done to uncover the truth.  This being the case, many of these archaeological enigmas have been ignored.  In particular, the stone chambers are often passed off as nothing more than root cellars built by farmers.  This blind eye approach has already lead to the destruction of many and it will continue if nothing is done.
    KEPRI believes there is much more to these sites than meets the eye. As our name suggests, we are of the opinion that the chambers are of ancient Celtic origin, due to much research and exploration.  There are many other curious megaliths all over the country, many of which remain unexplored and unexplained.  We have found an intriguing paranormal connection, which we feel deserves attention.  As with any subject, it is necessary to look at all pieces of the puzzle in order to understand the big picture.  Our objective is preservation and through research and awareness, we feel light can be shed on these fantastic mysteries.
    It is important to realize that everything in this field is mere speculation.  In truth, we may never know what really went on at these places long ago.  However, it is our hope to generate more interest and get an expert opinion.  In the case of the chambers, finding any anomalous artifact in one would declare them all protected sites.  It would cause much controversy in the world of anthropology but is that not what this science is all about?  Discovering new horizons and uncovering our past?  We feel it has not been the scientific method to simply pass these sits off as nothing, when there is evidence that states the contrary.  Through our research we hope to change this blind outlook and save these disappearing enigmas.
    No matter where the truth lies, these marvelous structures must be protected as a part of our history.  We want to see the day when generations to come can still enjoy a visit and learn from them.
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Meade